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Figure Baltic Advisory uses Figure Job Families for position classification, which have been tailored to suit the specifics of the labour markets in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. For larger international organizations Mercer Job Families can be used for more accurate international organization structure comparisons.

We have developed specific job catalogues that are renewed every year in order to capture the newly emerging jobs. Our job catalogues cover positions from field workers to Top Executives.

Specific job catalogues for position mapping available in these business markets:

  • General labour market
  • Finance and insurance
  • Automotive sector
  • Information and communication technologies

Baltic Salary Survey has always been the most favorite choice among the organizations that require flexible, custom-made and specialized products. We tweak our present methods and carry out analysis based on your needs, providing you with only the most relevant information required.

Consultations on selected topics and special data cuts are among the most popular individualized requests.


★ Forecast survey
★ Management presentations
★ Compensation data analysis by job families and levels of the company sample of your choice

Compensation Systems

The aim of the compensation system is to set clear and understandable principles for how much, to whom and for what to pay, so that employees are motivated to improve their performance, achieve set targets and at the same time receive fair compensation, corresponding to the labour market and organization capabilities.

A fair compensation system is one of the main tools for motivating employees to reach the targets. It organizes work environment, sets clear and just system, and unifies principles for determining compensation for various job performers. Implementation of a compensation system provides managers with arguments when explaining the set compensation level to the employees and shareholders.

Performance Management

Performance management system aims to align an organization’s strategic goals with daily job tasks of each employee which, in turn, improves processes and organizes work environment.

The system obviates ambiguity by setting clear instructions on job tasks that significantly improve the efficiency of work. It reveals the clear, understandable and common links between the processes and employees, helps to determine whether the organization works with appropriate employees and whether they hold the right positions and manage appropriate processes.

Function Analysis and Audits

We provide insights on organizations’ efficiency and business analysis on the following – audits of processes, functions and responsibilities; management audits of competencies and processes.

Based on our insights, we develop recommendations for business optimization and process improvement.

Audits of processes, functions and responsibilities

  1. Evaluation of current functions and processes, including the necessary resources
  2. Function/process/responsibility comparison with data of other organizations (bench-marking)
  3. Recommendations for improvement of organizational structure
  4. Calculations of the financial benefits of the optimization
  5. Recommendations for function/process/responsibility optimization:
  • Function liquidation, merging, reallocation, etc.
  • Development of new processes
  • Preparation of new job descriptions

 Management audit

This solution includes an assessment of management processes and competencies. We provide recommendations for improvement of organization’s management and management competencies.

★ Planning and management
★ Decision making
★ Delegation
★ Communication and cooperation
★ Information exchange
★ Management levels