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Fair Pay 2020

Top 10 companies of “Fair Pay 2020” awards were named during the yearly conference on September 15th. Companies paying the fairest wages were chosen based on this year’s annual salary survey in which 330 organizations participated. The winner of the first place is “Littelfuse”, second – “DS Smith Packaging Lithuania”, forth and third were tied with – “Danske Bank” and “Pienas LT”.

“With these annual awards, we want to congratulate companies that do not discriminate against employees and evaluate them according to their responsibilities, competencies and work results,” says Ieva Pecukevičiūtė, Baltic Salary Survey consultant.

Teva Baltics, DHL Lietuva, Ernst & Young Baltic, Swedbank, Continental Automotive Lithuania and Nasdaq follow after the first four places.

Baltic Salary Survey assessed whether companies pay similar wages to employees working at the same positions without discriminating against them in any way. Organizations were evaluated in a total of four stages, then the results were weighted and summed up. Unlike most economical analyzes, which only calculate the overall averages, this was done by disaggregating the data according to the positions, thus ensuring much more accurate results.

“I am pleased that it is becoming increasingly difficult to analyze and select the best companies every year, most of the organizations surveyed are doing well in terms of these indicators. Organizations outside the top ten are not far behind and are only improving every year.” says Povilas Blusius, compensation consultant at Baltic Salary Survey.

According to the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, the average gender pay gap in the country’s economy fluctuates at 14 percent annually. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the Baltic Salary Survey analyzes the differences in remuneration in the same positions – here the gap is only 2.8%.

“It is worth noting that the number of positions in which women are paid more than men is similar, but in positions where men are paid more, the difference is several percentage points higher. This shows that the gender pay gap is a much more subtle phenomenon, which should not be generalized, “says Povilas Blusius.