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Compensation Surveys

Make sure your employees are fairly rewarded. Compare the compensation levels in your organization to the sector of your industry or the entire market.

Employee #54 salary:
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Illustration resembling job possition classification


We help to place value on things that are otherwise difficult to assess. Our Baltic oriented and internationally recognized method for Job Classification will help to analyse and evaluate positions in your organization accurately.

Individualized Analysis

Analysis tools, custom trendlines, special samples and data, other bespoke services - we do our best to adjust to your needs.

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Other Services

Salary Systems

The implementation of a salary system is not only mandated by law for organisations of certain size, but also provides clarity to both - specialists and management, and forms a bedrock of rewards strategy.

Comp&Ben Outsource

Compensation and Benefits specialists are difficult to find, while their skills are needed more and more everyday. We can aid you by outsourcing the key areas of this function.


We guide in independent decision-making, help to set goals and best strategies to reach them. Work with the experts in the field who can help with employee and management related decisions, market trends and much more.



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